Ty recently celebrated his third anniversary as a member at RedHorse Fitness. Since joining, he has evolved impressively as an athlete, father (Kuechly is one of our favorite gym babes), and a supportive teammate within our community. Initially joining on a friend’s recommendation, Ty has transformed into one of our most dedicated athletes in local CrossFit competitions. Chosen by his peers, Ty is our February Member Spotlight. Below are his thoughts on a few of our favorite questions.


What brought you to RHF when you joined?
First I credit Earl “chief” and Naudia for letting me know about RHF. However, Keelan was the reason we walked into the gym. After college football, I said I would never workout again. Keelan said wanted to try CrossFit but said she wouldn’t go unless I went with her.

What kind of effects has RHF had on your family/work/social life?
Redhorse has turned into my favorite place to go for friends and family. It has also changed my overall health and fitness. The relationships I’ve built are more than just “gym friends”. The community is unreal!

Where were you when you first began vs. where you are now?
My health and fitness has changed dramatically. When I showed up I weighed 230 pounds and I now weigh 185. Even more than that, I am able to achieve things I never thought I could.

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about trying RHF?
If you want to change your life through improved heath and fitness, RHF is the best choice. Additionally, you will build amazing relationship’s that feel like family.

What do you love most about RHF?
The best thing about RHF is having my son at the gym. He is able to watch us workout and interact with other members. It’s amazing seeing everyone in the gym interacting with him and treating him like family. He even had his 2nd birthday at the gym!